Put on your bikini and no worries

25/04/2015 17:15

Summer is just round the corner and, like every year, you are getting ready for the momentous challenge...

No worries! We know we are unique and an "intrusive" inner thigh or a "cumbersome" forearm won't certainly entail we have to lock ourselves up in a nunnery!

But if you wish to take advantage of spring and its conducive air, in order to take better care of your body and your spirit, the right time has come to put some targeted esthetic treatments alongside with a healty diet and some exercise.


Lymphatic Drainage is particularly suitable to this purpose: with a cycle of 10 sessions you will be able to get surprising results! Your ankles will mow thinner, your knees and the silhouette of your legs will taper off  harmoniously, excess fluids will be eliminated, adipose tissue, besides being reduced, will be more homogeneously spread… What is more, this kind of massage improves lymphatic and blood circulation, has beneficial effects on metabolism, on the immune system and on hormonal balance. The skin’s elasticity and brightness get better due to the combined action of oil and massage, which gently exfoliates and tightens capillary vessels. On top of that, it is a completely natural method!


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